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Get the real dirt on crime scene investigation!

"Ray Murray artfully weaves the crime-solving exploits of forensic geologists with modern crime laboratory technologies in a style and manner designed to appeal to both general readers and practitioners of forensic geology. This book is required one-stop reading for anyone seeking authoritative insights into the fascinating world of criminal investigation and soil science." Richard Saferstein, PhD, author of Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science

  "Intriguing, informative, and eminently readable:  Ray Murray's brisk, clear prose and storytelling panache make Evidence from the Earth a must-read for all who are keen on forensic science--student, professional, and mystery buff alike.  I learned something new on every page!"    Sarah Andrews, author of the Em Hansen forensic geology mysteries, including Earth Colors and Killer Dust

The field of forensic geology—using geology techniques to aid in criminal and civil investigations—has been a stalwart in the field of criminalistics since the days of Sherlock Holmes. From cases of safecracking and purloined palm trees to lurid tales of kidnapping and murder—including such high-profile ones as the Aldo Moro and Adolph Coors cases—this book leads readers through some of the most intriguing cases involving soil and rock evidence. Along the way readers will learn about the history of forensic geology; types of rocks, soils, gemstones, and related man-made materials; techniques for proper evidence collection and analysis; and how geologic evidence is used in court.

First published in 1975 and updated in 1992, Forensic Geology by Raymond C. Murray and John C. F. Tedrow was a classic in its field. Now Murray has thoroughly revised and updated that earlier work to produce Evidence from the Earth: Forensic Geology and Criminal Investigation. This new book has increased appeal for general readers while retaining the previous editions’ longtime usefulness for law enforcement officers, attorneys, geologists, and students of forensic science


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